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mr. pete’s is authentically, unabashedly Greek. Pure and practical, our olive oil is perfect for the modern day. We offer a product that doesn’t waste your time — trust us on that one. But if you still have a few questions, we’ve got answers:

Who was mr. pete?
He was our dad.

What varietals does mr. pete’s produce?
We produce two lines – our Koroneiki Everyday Use and our Athinoelia Special Use olive oils. Both will have you covered no matter what the meal or occasion calls for.

When was mr. pete’s launched?
In 2018, our story officially began but our roots reach back long before. Our olive oil has become both a family tradition and a family legacy.

Where is mr. pete’s olive oil from?
It’s made straight from our family grove in Petrina, Laconia, where the olives are harvested by hand every year to produce no-nonsense 100% Greek olive oil.

Why is mr. pete’s limited release?
Because we are a small batch producer, we make just enough for our family and close friends, and now just enough for our new friends (you).